Seni Barrier Cream with Zinc Oxide

STEP 3: Seni barrier cream with zinc oxide is recommended for protecting parts of the body exposed to chafes and bedsores. Seni Cream with Zinc Oxide also contains SINODOR which is a natural ingredient that absorbs the unpleasant odor.
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  • zinc1


Vol. 200ml


1. Protects the skin from inflammations, chafes and bedsores.

2. Speeds up the regeneration of irritated skin.

3. Nourishes and deeply moisturises the skin.

4. When applied to the skin it leaves a white protective layer on its surface

5. Seni barrier cream with zinc oxide works similarly to conventional sudocream, but is non-oil based and therefore does not ''clog up" the pad  thus ensuring long-lasting protection.





Apply a thick layer of cream to the endangered body parts and leave to absorb.


Note: the cream leaves a white protective white layer on the surface of the skin.


Do not apply on open wounds. 



Active Ingredients:


  • panthenol


  • camomile extract

  • linseed biocomplex

  • lanolin

  • zinc oxide

  • glycerine

  • shea butter




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