Super Seni Trio ( moderate to severe incontinence)

Super Seni Trio all-in-one pads are reliable and proven protection for incontinence. Recommended for mobile people as well as those with restricted mobility.
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  1. closed system - fastening with the use of double elastic combo-tape
  2. air-permeable outer layer - significantly reduces risk of chafes and irritations
  3. anatomical shape – ensures an optimal fit to the body
  4. double absorbent core with antibacterial superabsorbent – high absorbency and reduction of unpleasant smell
  5. double adjustment system - possibility of multiple refastening without the risk of tearing the outer layer of the pad.
  6. elastic waist band in the front and the back - for better adjustment and minimization of tightness. 
  7. delicate top non-wowen layer - comfort of use
  8. extra distributing layer (EDS) - greater feeling of dryness
  9. hydrophobic side barriers of elastic yarn - preventing leakages – better protection
  10. double wetness indicator – indicates when the product should be changed 
  11. enhanced absorbency – perfect solution when the periods between product changing are longer



Small - waist size 55-80cm
Medium - waist size 75-110cm
Large - waist size 100-150cm
Extra Large - waist size 130-170cm


Absorbency Level

trio drops

Breathable - All Seni products are breathable. This allows for air to permeate to the skin and is very effective in promoting healthy tissue and in preventing skin irritation. The outer breathable laminate also eliminates ‘rustle’ during movement which allows for greater discretion.
Extra Dry Layer - All Seni products have an Extra Dry System. This acts in two ways. Firstly it draws the liquid away from the skin quicker. Secondly, it distributes the liquid more efficiently leaving the skin drier and healthier.
Odour Control - This is a special feature of the product which is found in the absorbent core. Superabsorbent “bonds the odour and moisture” inside the pad eliminating unpleasant odours. This allows for greater discretion and comfort.
Latex Free - Seni products are completely latex free. Latex intolerance in patients is a cause of irritation. The only way to remedy this condition is to prevent latex being in contact with the skin.

Seni and Seni Care products are very often used by people with sensitive skin prone to irritation. All Seni products have been dermatologically tested by an independent testing facility.

Safety is guaranteed by the European Conformity mark - CE marking on the packaging


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